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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

  1. Mulatu Kasaye (Phd): College Dean

    Phone number: +251-910007772

  • Building No: 43

  • Room No: 106

Message from the college Dean (Agriculture)

Fast population growth and unpredictable environmental challenges are among the major drivers which necessitate the paradigm shift from conventional to modern methods of food production. As a developing country and possessing favorable environmental constituents, agriculture is the foundation and key pillar of livelihood in Ethiopia though the crop production systems, livestock husbandry and natural resource management practices are entirely traditional. For this reason, the government has given much emphasis in establishing and expanding agricultural training and research centers in order to apply modern tools and scientific principles in boosting production and productivity so as to answer food security concerns of the farming community. As part of this mission and to change the livelihood of its society, Debre Markos University has been putting much effort in producing well-qualified and trained graduates since a decade ago. The establishment of Agriculture and Natural Resources College is considered as very ideal due to the high potential of agricultural activities and presence of several agro-ecologies in this surrounding which entails to solve the major setbacks of production, productivity and marketing by making intensive research and community services on top of producing innovative and creative graduates.

The agriculture and natural resources college is believed to be possessing one of the best staff with better experience and industrious. It is comprised of six departments with undergraduate programs in Animal Science, Plant Science, Horticulture, Natural Resource Management, Agricultural Economics, and Rural Development and Agricultural Extension and five post graduate programs at the MSc level namely, Animal Production, Animal Nutrition and Feed Processing and Irrigation and Plant Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Integrated water-shade Management. The programs have been designed based on the needs of man power who are capable of assimilating their technical and practical skills and knowledge in solving major challenges of the agriculture sector in the community and curbing their livelihood.

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