Archive Center


Derb Tefera, PhD

Officer for Archive center

Tel: +251-911395860


Archive Center

The archive center was established in late 2012. Members of History and Heritage Management Department had great contribution for the establishment by coining the idea of establishing archive center, assessing the situation of archives and registering archives.

The Archive Center was established having the following objectives.

  • Take care for the archives of the surrounding areas.
  • Collect and preserve archives in order to use them as a testimony of the past.
  • Arrange archives and access them for researchers.

The archive center had collected around 11365 folder archive of the former Gojjam Province which date back to 1930’s from East Gojjam Zone Business Office and East Gojjam Zone High Court Office. Geographically, most of the archives focused on East Gojjam Administrative Zone, West Gojjam Administrative Zone, Awi Administrative Zone of Amhara Region as well as Metekel Administrative Zone of Benishangul Gumuz region. Furthermore, there are archives about other provinces like Gondar, Tigray, Eritrea, Keffa, Wollega, and Wollo. Thematically, archives of the center deals with issues like agriculture, culture, finance, art, military, religion, patriotism, projects, infrastructure, land tenure, education, health, justice, politics and other issues. The center is providing services for post graduate and PhD researchers who come from different universities. It had got donation of more than 630 books and archives from Mr. Samuel Alemayehu.

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