Beginning from its inauguration with joint collaboration of music and theater department, it has been organized many artistic platforms on different themes accompanied by poem, short stories, theater, music and qene’. It published pomes of amateurs in three subsequent proceedings, named Haddis…Addis volume 1 from number 1 to 3. Currently, it is working to publish volume 1 number 4 and 5. It also organized literary critics on Love unto Death Novel, Haddis…Addis Poem volume 1 from number 1 to 3, “techniques of literary criticism”, “psychological and social impacts of migration as disclosed in Jidanegn Novel, kenfam hilmoch short story, and Habasha lji poem.” Apart from this, it has done the following activities:

  • It edited 1000 poems, ten short stories and one novel of amateurs.
  • It collected oral poems of plowing, harvesting, and threshing from the local community.
  • It gave technical support for two theater and literature association of amateurs which are found in Debre Markos town.
  • It provided technical support for students who are gifted and talented in creative writing.

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Derejaw Ayenew

Literature expert

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