Research thematic areas

Research Thematic Areas

According to higher institutions proclamation and the needs of Ethiopian government, research undertakings in universities are supposed to be demand driven, problem solving and aiming at technology transfer. Accordingly, Debre Markos University has established Haddis Alemayehu Institute of Cultural Studies to plan, organize, implement, direct and evaluate studies/researches related to culture. Thus, to effectively engage in demand-driven and problem-solving research undertakings, Haddis Alemayehu Institute of Cultural Studies has conducted community need assessment survey so as to identify its priority research thematic areas. The institute undertakes researches on the following identified priority research thematic areas:

Language and art


  • Ge’ez language study
  • Material culture (traditional utensils, traditional housing, cultural dresses and jewelry, weaving, pottery, tannery, metal work, painting, traditional food, traditional music and  instruments)
  • discourse and mass media
  • Cultural practices (festivals, traditional medicine, traditional entertainment, rituals)
  • Cultural performance art (Traditional music, dance, dramas and theater)
  • Socio-linguistic
  • Literature and culture (long and short fiction, literary poem and theatre, oral literature )
  • Amharic language study
  • Awigna language study

 History and Tourism


  • Museum and heritage conservation
  • Historic documents (archives) preservation
  • Patriotism and national feeling
  • Tourism resource and development
  • Traditional conflict resolution
  • Social administration
  • Religious culture
  • Land tenure system
  • Traditional medicine
  • Agricultural culture of the society
  • Social interaction and different ceremonies ( weeding, Ikub, Idir and Debo)

 Culture and Development


  • Work culture
  • Human trafficking and psychology
  • Education and ethics
  • Culture and corruption
  • Child care culture and psychology
  • Globalization and acculturation
  • Culture and modern education
  • Culture and modernization
  • Traditional schools (Church or Mosque)
  • Culture and gender
  • Culture and disability
  • Culture and children right
  • Culture and philosophy
  • cultural practices (female genital mutilation, blood feud, Intel mabuwatete, aqolquaye, wonfel, debo, social cooperation) and development
  • Naming culture and psychology

Social practices (weeding, mourning/funeral, etc) and psychology

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