Publication Policy

The Choke Journal of Science and Technology (CJST) is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to contribute knowledge to the academic world by publishing original research works from various disciplines in areas of science, technology, agriculture, health and related fields. The articles considered for publication in CJST are original research papers, review articles, correspondences (letter to the editor), short communications, case reports, and new perspectives. The CJST is a biannual (January and July) and following a double blinded review process. The number of major articles in a given issue must be at least 5. Manuscript should be prepared according to the style and specifications of the journal’s policy. Both English and Amharic are the official languages of the journal. Before submitting articles to the journal, authors must confirm that the submitted manuscript is their original work and it is not published on or submitted for other journals concurrently. For authors whose native language is not English, CJST strongly recommends serious edition of the language of their manuscripts before submission to avoid delays in receiving and processing the publication.

All manuscripts are reviewed by an editor and members of the Editorial Board or qualified outside reviewers. Decisions will be made within two weeks and reviewers’ comments will be sent to the authors shortly after submission. The editorial board will re-review manuscripts that are accepted pending revision. The editor has the authority to “Accept” or “Reject” a manuscript. If it is accepted, an acceptance email letter is issued to the author(s), and the manuscripts are processed for publication. If it is rejected, the author(s) are informed about the decision and no further processing is done on the manuscript. If it requires improvement, it is sent to the author(s) with the editor’s recommendation for further revision. The editor makes a final decision on the revised one to “Accept” or “Reject” it.

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