Training for Kebele Female Land Administration Committees

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Training for Kebele Female Land Administration Committees


In the previous EduLAND2 project funded land administration committees trainings, female land administration committees were not participants. Even if the call was for both female and male committees, unfortunately, the participants were males. Gender mainstreaming is prior agenda in EduLAND2 project and accordingly training program for 50 female land administration committees was organized and delivered from October 12 – 13/2019. In the training, 46 female rural land administration committees, 4 kebele land administration experts in total 50 have been participated. Besides, 10 participants from two concerned institutions (zonal land administration and land use department and Debre Markos University) have participated in the training. In total 60 people participated. Debre Markos University FM radio broadcasting office has recorded all part of the training and discussions.

The theme of the training was on ‘Female land rights and the newly revised Amhara National Regional State (ANRS) rural land administration legislation’. The training was organized in three parts. In the first half day training, the women land rights concepts from international and national perspective were presented and discussed. In the afternoon, the land tenure issues of the ANRS rural land administration legislation were presented and discussed. In the second training day, the land valuation and expropriation issues were presented and discussed. In the training the issues raised by the participants were really impressive and the challenges faced while practicing the legislation at the grass root level as well as with their land rights were raised and appropriate response given by experts. While renting their parcels, the lessee sometimes denies the agreement and are led to litigation; communal land encroachment is threatening their animal husbandry practices; while they strive to manage the land according to the legislation, the kebele administration is not supportive; lack of getting capacity building training on female land rights and on the legislation; and the like were some of the challenges raised by female participants. Training of land administration committees and building the capacity of kebele land administration and land use experts especially on the rural land administration legislation is very essential for proper functioning of the system.

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