Zoom Lecture by Germany Professor

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Zoom Lecture by Germany Professor

The Institute of Land Administration at Debre Markos University has created a partnership with the Regional Management program of the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University, Germany. This is part of the Bavarian-Ethiopian Alliance for Applied Life Sciences. The institute is a partner of the Haw.International project (Course: HAW.International – Information Platform (hswt.de). In the project, guest lectures both virtually and face-to-face are designed to be delivered by professors from both universities. Accordingly, professors from both partner universities have been giving lectures to students in the partner programs.

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Gerend, a regional management scientist in the Triesdorf campus of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University has delivered a zoom lecture for about 2 hours to master students of Land Administration and Management at Debre Markos University. The zoom lecture was delivered on 14th of January 2023 and in this zoom lecture in total 27 persons participated. These are 10 master students, 10 graduating class under graduate students and seven academic staff of the institute of land administration.

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The zoom lecture was highly appreciated by participants and the lecture was delivered dividing it into main parts:

  1. Urban and regional planning
  • Historical development of urban planning
  • Regionalization
  • Urban sprawl
  • Sustainable development of cities
  1. Regional management
  • Contemporary regional challenges for modern regional management
  • What regional management means
  • Regional management processes
  • Regional value chains and production networks

The lecture was supported with discussions of questions raised by students. Students have participated actively in this zoom lecture and we have realized that such kind of guest lectures are inspirational for students to think out of the box and to read additional reference materials which broaden their horizon of understanding. We are grateful for Professor Jennifer for her commitment even devoting her weekends break to lecture our students.

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