About DMU Media

I would like to say all welcome to Debre Markos University and surrounding Community Radio station to visit us on DMU website.

Debre Markos University and surrounding Community Radio FM 97.7 is a radio station which is established under the university to serve the community within and around the university. The Radio is issued under Broadcasting Proclamation No 533/07 Article, 28 radio broadcasting license and registered under No 33/2007 with ownership of community radio and allotted frequency of 97.7.

Our Community FM 97.7 got a broadcasting license from Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority in June 2015. It started broadcasting in June 2016.

Debre Markos University and community Radio produce and broadcast their own programs and participate in operating the station. It is community space for people to meet and collaborate the university staff and surrounding community. It’s fun, engaging and empowering. Participants find it extraordinarily satisfying, not just to make radio in this unique fashion, but to also help transform community life. It’s the town square of the digital age in our community. Read more

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