Debre Markos University Health Science College and Medicine School host the 1st Annual Research Conference

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Debre Markos University Health Science College and Medicine School host the 1st Annual Research Conference

DMU:- Debre Markos University Health Science College in collaboration with Medicine School host the first Annual Research Conference under the theme “Scientific Research for Quality Health Services and Life” in the presence of researchers from various institutions, invited guests and participants colorfully in Haddis Alemayehu Venue from 27-28 March 2021.

Partial view of the research conference

Guest of honor and keynote speaker of the program Doctor Fentie Ambaw, Associate Professor and Senior Researcher and Public Health Instructor of Bahir Dar University says that though Ethiopian is endowed with 13 months of sunshine, the people suffer in malnutrition because the researchers have lack of research capacity, due to improper discussion of research outputs, there is waste of huge data every day, the researchers conduct fund driven research agenda, researches have poor quality and fail to adhere strategies known to work.

Dr. Fentie remarks that those impossible things are things that they hadn’t found solutions yet. Therefore, researchers should conduct operational researches, work with policy people, and work in team, use longitudinal data and prevent data wastage, he expressed his belief.

Debre Markos University Academic Affairs Vice President Doctor Yiheyes Aregu opening the stage says that scientific research is about trying to find out solutions to imminent bottle necks, to get closer to the truth in every field of science, technology and development or to generate authentic and reliable evidence for planners, policy makers and practitioners.

Creating forums for scholars to discuss and make scientific dialogue over health related research findings is a good play ground to come up with better healthcare services and to improve the healthcare system, he remarked.

Debre Markos University Health Science College Dean Assistance Professor Girma Alem warmly welcoming honorary guests, researchers and participants says that research on health infrastructures, training on research methodology and analysis, adoption and activation of the culture of research in Universities, allocating research funds for healthcare development, engagement of clinicians in researches are very crucial to achieve the goals of research healthcare.

In addition, researches are not being changed to problem solving projects instead they are used for publication and promotion though they lack reputability, he underlined.

It is noted that college of Health Science and School of Medicine planned to establish demographic and health surveillance system for field work to conduct evidence based research by using reliable information.

Moreover, the researchers were selected through a national paper call provided with the subthemes including reproductive maternal and child health, health promotion and disease prevention, healthcare service and information management, the referral system, biomedical sciences research, pharmaceutical and traditional medicine, healthcare system research, environmental and occupational health research and COVID 19.

Research presenters were four from Bahir Dar University, one from University of Gondar, one from St. Paulos Hospital Millennium Medical College, one from Wollega University and four from the host, Debre Markos University.

Finally, a discussion was held on the way forward and about the participants two days in the research conference. Participants asked, commented and suggested each research paper after short and precise presentation of the respective researchers. All suggest that the University particularly Health Science College staff were appreciated for their warmly welcoming and service delivery though it is its first time national research conference.

Assistant Professor Girma also thanks and recognizes researchers and participants for their coming and active participation with the two days stay which helps the college to have big lessons for the betterment of the next second annual research conference, he concluded.

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