Welcome to the College of Natural and Computational Sciences

Natural and Computational Sciences college is one of the pioneer college among the six colleges of Debre Markos University. Currently the college has 7 departments: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Sport Science, Statics and Biotechnology departments.  The college also launched six MSc programs, in Ecology and Systematic Zoology, Mathematics, Physics, Applied Entomology, Chemistry and Botanical Science. Moreover other undergraduate and graduate programs are under development to excel the diversity of academic programs in the college.

At Natural and Computational Science College, we are educating today’s Scientists to be tomorrow’s problem solving leaders. Through innovative curricula and research activities, our distinguished College engages students in a unique, interactive learning environment that facilitates academic excellence and prepares our students for their future careers while they earn a BSc, or MSc degree. All programs enable working professionals to earn the MSc, without interrupting their careers. Both government and non-government organizations are seeking new sources of talent are looking at our graduates, because of our commitment to our students and our programs. The very good asset of our college is having very committed, experienced and genuine academic staff whose academic quality more than 85% are MSc and above. Having such input it will be easy to us to attain our missions.

Moreover our college is working    on problem solving researches and providing demand driven community and consultancy services through involvement of the academic staffs and other partners.

Natural and Computational Science College Ten years report

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