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Landscape Beautification & Janitorial Directorate

Main office activities:      

  •  Establish landscape gardens, cleaning and waste disposal service strategies
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding by employing sound environmental and ecological practices.
  • Identify and manage corrective and enhancement actions.
  • Promote DMU as a premier learning institution.
  • Manages and schedules labor, equipment and material
  • Maintains proper inventory of materials, equipment, cleaning, toiletry & other supplies.
  • Ensure appropriate and sound waste disposal techniques.
  • Make sure regular sweeping, moping and/or vacuuming of class room, laboratory, halls, office with its furniture, restrooms, stairways, coble roads and ditches.
  • Ensures all work is completed in adherence to safety policies and guidelines.
  • Observes appearances and conditions of premises and equipment; reports needed repairs, safety hazards, or conditions requiring outside vendor services.
  • Maintains sufficient staff to accomplish production, beautification maintenance schedules and analyzes future needs.
  • Respond to customer complaints ensuring proper handling to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.
  • Delivering community outreach services (Training, consultancy & seedling supply)
  • Regular record keeping, documentation and promotion of office activities.


  • Two plant nurseries (with modified greenhouse)
  • DMU Plant catalogue
  • DMU Landscape garden tools and equipment’s catalogue
  • Ornamental structures (pergola and arches)
  • Water futures (mini pond)
  • Temporary garden seats

Future plan

  • Permanent garden seats construction
  • Establishing two complete landscape gardens
  • Massive seedling production for community service
  • Fulfilling garden embellishments
  • Maintaining established gardens

Name: – Sintayehu Musie (M.Sc.)sintayehu-musie


Tel:- Mobile +251 911 833881

Office +251 58 178 0074

Office Location: Block-27, Office No. 110             

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