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Letter of Sponsorship for Graduate Studies

On behalf of the —————————————————— the organization of which I am a head, I am committing the said organization to grant a financial support or employment to ——————————————– in the course of his/her postgraduate training in ———————————————-. The financial support or employment, which is intended to cover the tuition fee of the graduate student, will be maintained until the termination of the programme of study. Moreover, I express the organization’s agreement to refrain from obligating the graduate student to undertake extra work assignments which may jeopardize his/her progaramme of study.

I am cognizant of the fact that the concrete realities of the country dictate that education in general, and postgraduate studies in particular, must be geared towards the solution of specific problems affecting the society. I am, therefore, aware that this specific training my organization is sponsoring must be geared towards fulfilling a definite national purpose. Accordingly, through my signature affixed below, I am committing my organization to maintain an appropriate position of employment for the student after the completion of his/her postgraduate studies.

Date: ————————— Signature: ____________ Office seal: ___________________
Name: ———————————
Position: ——————————
Telephone: ——————————-
Fax: ———————————–
P.O.Box: ————————
E-mail: ———————————-
NB: Full address of the sponsoring organization is mandatory.

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