Need to be studied, Dr. Amare Sewnet, DMU College of Social Science and Humanities recommended

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Need to be studied, Dr. Amare Sewnet, DMU College of Social Science and Humanities recommended

DMU: – Debre Markos University Social Science and Humanities College in collaboration with Research and Technology Transfer Directorate hosts the 1st Annual National Research Conference under the theme “Innovation for Personal Virtue, Social Transformation and Nation Building” colorfully in Queen Sheba from 17-18 April 2021 in the presence of honorable guests, higher government officials, scholars, researchers and distinguished invited participants.

Partial view of the research conference

Kenote speaker, Professor Alemayehu Bishaw from Bahir Dar University in his speech entitled ‘The quality of Education in enhancing innovation and personal virtue’ says that the solution is always with the problem itself, but what matters is our being insightfulness or not. Hence, scholars of higher institutions need to see their environments carefully so as to come up with possible solutions for the existing problems since everything is created by the creator once, our task is discovering what we haven’t discovered yet.

Innovation is a process of imagination and development that actively seeks novelty with the creation of values to achieve its goals. Innovation is not finding a new way of doing something or discovering rather it is recombination of existing principles, professor remarked. In addition, Professor discussed about virtue, types of virtue, practical wisdom and enhancing innovation.

Following his keynote speech, a discussion was held and participants suggest that we need to pay attention to our identity, use our mother tongue in the education and design curriculum that would help to develop responsible citizens that would contribute to the development of the nation.

Debre Markos University Social Science and Humanities College Dean Amare Sewnet on his part delivering inspiration and motivational keynote speech, says that the title “It has to be studied” is selected and used purposely since the time by itself is confusing. Thus, the title is chosen in cognizant to the existing environs.

Dr. Amare in his inspirational and motivational speech also points out that the researches which the scholars conducted and being conducted, our virtues, social changes, our values, students and teachers, and language and mass media are among the areas to be studied in order to curve the existing problems.

Moreover, the society is largely tied with the idea that everything was good before, we have left with their best deeds and the heritages that our forefathers and foremothers accomplished and left us with. Therefore, this generation needs to do things that will be remarkable for the generation to come, Amare remarked.

Participants appreciating and thanking the keynote speaker underlined that it is a good initial to have keynote speaker from the internal community as it will pave the way for others to come and be models for others in addition to having keynote speakers from external institutions and organizations.

It has to be clear that there are number of Instructors who have the skills and capacity to deliver motivational and keynote speech in the University. Thereby, the University shall strengthened its effort and habit in searching and inviting those who are working in various colleges, institutions, schools and institutions of the University so as to adequately utilize its human resource, participants recommended.

Finally, on the way forward discussion held among participants of the conference say that the organization and collaboration of the college staffs, proper time allocation, good communications, selection of appropriate and timely keynote speakers, and comparatively enough number of participants were among the points mentioned as strong sides of the conference. Participants added that the presentations were so good and can be models, welcoming and service were also quite good; the conference did not seem college wise rather University wise.

On the other side, it would have been good if higher officials of Debre Markos University had participated in the conference, stakeholders had been invited to participate, there would have been time to introduce DMU in brief and attention need to be given in the nomination of the college so as to avoid confusion among users, were also among the points indicated to be improved.

The conference finalizes in a recognition and certificate award ceremony for those who delivered keynote speeches and present research papers.

Dr. Amare thanked all those who have made their efforts for the successful accomplishment of the conference since its inception to the end. The comments and suggestions given will be used as in puts for the betterment of the second annual research conference. Amare wishes honorary guests who came from remote and near distance to arrive at their hometown safely.

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