Construction Technology Overview

Debre Markos university construction project office is established in July, 2006 E.C and engaged in all types of construction projects which are undertaken by the university in different campus such as; in main, health and Burie campus. In main campus, the major constructions carryout are; administrative office(G+5), staff lounge(G+2), auditorium building (3000 seats), waste water treatment plant, two class room(G+4) etc. At the health campus, the major projects under construction are ten student dormitories(G+4), four classrooms(G+4), laboratory(G+2), administrative office, student cafeteria, library(G+2) and site work construction as well as water supply system and waste water treatment plant are under progress. In addition to these at Burie campus seven student dormitories(G+4), three classrooms(G+4), student cafeteria, and site work construction as well as water supply system are under progress.

Generally, the above-mentioned projects are constructed by different contractor with the supervision and administration of our office and consulting firm based on the specified quality, time, contract amount and safety. Besides, our office has been established three years ago, still there is shortage of necessary staffs, and right now there are six engineering professionals (project manager, deputy project manager, structural engineer, architectural engineer, sanitary engineer and electrical engineer).  with those staffs the supervision and contract administration activities are going very well. So, it is obvious that construction is a complex process which needs collaboration and co-operation of many stakeholders, and all projects undertaken by the university are not only for the university members but it is also for the community and at large the country asset. For this reason, everybody should have to preserve and use the constructed infrastructures with a very good manner.

  • Academic Staff statistics
Sex BSC MSC PhD Total
Male 31 3 34
Female 7 0 7
Total 38 3 41
  • Administrative Staff and lab assistances Statistics
Sex Certificate Diploma BSC MSC PhD Total
Male 6 6
Female 3 3
Total 9 9
  • Student statistics
Year Program Total
Regular Extension Summer
Male Female Total Male Female Total Male Female Total
Year 1
Year 2 127 168 295
Year 3 30 84 114 19 5 24
Year 4 110 71 181
Graduated 71 107 178 26 0 26
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