Software Engineering overview

Brief background about Software Engineering department.

Nowadays, software plays a central role in almost all aspects of daily life: in government, banking and finance, education, transportation, entertainment, medicine, agriculture, and law. The number, size, and application domains of computer programs have grown dramatically; as a result, hundreds of billions are being spent on software development, and the livelihood and lives of most people depend on the effectiveness of this development. Software products have helped us to be more efficient and productive. They make us more effective problem solvers, and they provide us with an environment for work and play that is often safer, more flexible, and less confining. Software engineering is a discipline, which involves the specification, design, construction and verification of large software systems.

Hence, Debre Markos University opened a 4 year Software Engineering program in Sep. 2008.This is believed as one helping hand for producing professionals in this field which is vital for the country’s development effort.

Students & staff statistics

  1. Students

Software engineering dept at DMU has the following Regular students as of 2009 E.C

year M F Total
Year II 46 3 49
Year I 27 21 48
  1. Staff

Currently (2009 E.C) Software engineering Department at Debre Markos university has 8 staff members, 6 Lecturers (MSC) and 2 technical assistants

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