Mission Vision

Mission, Vision and Values


Library and Documentation Services will continue to innovate and transform service delivery, ensuring that the LDS are integral to, and enablers of, the University’s continued success. For the individual user, our mission is to make creating, storing, sharing, finding & using information simple and pleasurable.

The mission of Library and Documentation Services is to support teaching, learning and research throughout the University, in collaboration with staff and students, by providing:

  • information resources in a range of formats,
  • environments that facilitate study and learning in a variety of ways, and
  • Support for the development of information literacy to enable students make the best use of learning resources.

In addition, DMU Library advances research, learning and teaching excellence by connecting communities, within and beyond the University, to the world’s knowledge.


Debre Markos University library and documentation service strives to be one of a globally influential academic and research library, inspiring knowledge creation, exploration, discovery and dissemination in East Africa by 2025


Values Amongst other matters, the Library values:

  • Service excellence-LDS Services will creatively and within constrained budgets, build on existing great services and grow new ones to meet/anticipate changing demands.
  • Intellectual freedom and the pursuit of knowledge
  • Collaboration with colleges and community partners – both with our colleagues within DMU to foster a rich information environment, and with external partners in the local community, across whales and internationally for the benefit of the University
  • Stewardship of collections and institutional resources
  • Innovation and creativity – to exploit emerging technologies and be innovative in our service delivery to meet changing educational and institutional priorities
  • An open, inclusive, respectful work environment
  • Transparent & equitable services
  • Professionalism in service delivery
  • Inclusiveness and respect for the individual to make services as accessible and useable as possible
  • Accountability for our actions, decisions and to manage risks, providing the University with full value for the money invested in the service by managing and deploying our human and financial resources in a cost-effective manner
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