• Is the journal peer-reviewed?
    • The journal is peer-reviewed. At least two reviewers will review all papers suitable for the journal. This process will take three to four weeks. If the reviewer(s) recommends modify, you should make the suggested revisions according to the comments and re-submit the revised version with instructions of what revisions having been made in two weeks.
  • Is there any deadline for submission?
    • Nothing
  • What is the requirement of the paper format?
    • Please click the “Guidelines” item which is under “About this journal” to download the template.
  • Does the journal accept non-English articles/papers?
    • No, we only accept papers in English.
  • Can I submit the paper to other journals or conferences?
    • No, you cannot. If your paper was accepted by our journals, the copyright of your paper would be transferred to DMU Publishing Company. And the paper will be published by DMU Publishing Company and indexed by Database of Science direct, Google Scholar, PubMed, Web of Science, Science Citation Index Expanded, Scopus, etc.
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