Publication Ethics

Plagiarism Policy of CJST: Plagiarism refers to the presentation or submission of the work of another party without citation or credits as one’s own work. CJST does not allow any form of plagiarism, as it consider it a serious breach of scientific ethics. If the editorial board/author/readers/ find plagiarism in a manuscript already published in CJST, the journal’s editorial board will take appropriate action accordingly.

Such an action could include disclosure of the report or conclusions of the evaluation committee in the journal, expelling the author from CJST, barring the author (black listing) not to publish in the journal again or any other appropriate sanctions are made on the author. In addition, the published article will be withdrawn from the website with a note of “Plagiarized” along with the published title. Authors are also marked the same. On the web page, the link to the full text article will be disabled.

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