Debre Markos University Hadis Alemayehu Cultural Studies, Good Human centre conducts Academic seminar on Goodness

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Debre Markos University Hadis Alemayehu Cultural Studies, Good Human centre conducts Academic seminar on Goodness

DMU: – Debre Markos University Hadis Alemayehu Cultural Studies Good Human Center conducts hot academic seminar in Debre Markos University Queen Sheba venue, today on March 30, 2021 in the presence of Doctor Mastewal Mekonen, Mental Health Counseling Assistance Professor and Doctor Wohabie Birhan Debre Markos University Psychology Associate Professor.

Dr. Mastewal and Dr. Wohabie delivering presentation

Debre Markos University Haddis Alemayehu Cultural Studies Directorate Director Assistance Professor Gizachew Andargie speaking at the opening stage of the seminar, says that good Human Center is established to develop positive thinking and goodness in the University and bring fundamental changes on those bad sprits and attitudes that the generation has currently practicing.

The country has faced disputes due to wrong perception and lack of goodness. Hence, this kind of seminars will have multifaceted advantages in developing and shaping the community to be kind, Gizachew remarked. 

Debre Markos University Psychology Instructor and Researcher Doctor Wohabie Birhan, Associate Professor says that Academicians are responsible to develop and train human beings with morally relevant and socially responsible intelligence. In addition, academicians should be supported to understand, maintain and communicate appropriate boundaries to their students. Thus, Universities must recognize the unavoidable role that academics have in developing students’ mental health by creating open spaces for discussion and learning.

Doctor Mastewal Mekonen, Mental Health Counseling Assistance Professor on her part, says that the objectives of the seminar are to conduct discussion on concepts that are important to build healthy society, to raise awareness and to enable take responsibilities in building good citizens. Therefore, Universities should consider the role of the curriculum in supporting the development of good students’ wellbeing and learning, she remarked.

Dr. Mastewal also says that emotional intelligence generally includes emotional awareness, or the ability to identify and name one’s own emotions; the ability to harness those emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving; and the ability to manage emotions, which includes both regulating one’s own emotions when necessary and helping others to do the same. An emotionally intelligent individual is both highly conscious of his or her own emotional states, even negativity frustration, sadness, or something more subtle and able to identify and manage them, she mentioned. Moreover, emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, she explained.

Mastewal continued that Cultural Intelligence refers to the skill to relate and work effectively in culturally diverse situations. Thus, it’s the capability to cross boundaries and prosper in multiple cultures. It also goes beyond our existing knowledge of cultural sensitivity and awareness by highlighting certain skill sets and capabilities needed to successfully realize their objectives in culturally diverse situations, she remarked.

It is noted that a discussion held with the participants, in their discussion, they pointed out that an individual possessing cultural intelligence is not just aware of different cultures but able to effectively work and relate with people across a variety of cultural contexts.

Participants added that cultural intelligence links to emotional intelligence that people with high emotional intelligence can pick up on the emotions, wants and needs of others.  Thereby, people with high cultural intelligence are attuned to the values, beliefs, attitudes and body language of people from different cultures.

Finally Gizachew thanking and appreciating the seminar participants promised that his directorate will support and work with college and departments that want to work on building goodness as per their respective fields.

It is noted that the seminar was focusing on the whatness of goodness, positive thinking, healthy personality, emotional intelligence and management and impact of social media and its proper use.

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