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             Yiheyis Aregu Yeshanew (PhD) 

           Academic Affairs Vice President, Debre Markos University, Ethiopia

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                       Message from the Academic Affairs Vice President

It is so plain to understand that in the emerging era of hypercompetitive global scenario, the role of science and education has become indispensable to meet the ever-changing needs of the society. To this end, nations use to set different programs, plans, policies and procedures to expand higher education in their domain. The current endeavor of the Ethiopian government is not an exception. Debre Markos University, one of the growing higher education institutions in Ethiopia, was established before a decade and a half in Debre Markos town (former name Menkorer) located at about 300kms North West of the national capital, Addis Ababa. By virtue of its ideal position in the center of riverine land Gojjam characterized by naturally suitable environmental setting, agreeable climatic conditions and reasonable cost of living, Debre Markos University is usually preferred by a staff of relevant experience who could demonstrate outstanding professional commitment in teaching, research and community service.

In the newly introduced scheme of differentiation, Debre Markos University has been categorized as one of the fifteen public Universities of Applied Sciences with pragmatic orientation and scientific intervention to solve imminent problems of the society. The university’s academic and research activities are particularly intended to focus on its established centres of excellence namely indigenous literature and language development on one side and crop production and agro-processing on the other. The fact that the locality around Debre Markos University is known for being the birth place of several prolific writers and novelists serves as a relevant justification to identify local literature and language development as a center of excellence. The agriculturally prosperous land naturally surrounded by the legendary Blue Nile River locally called Abay and biblically known as Ghion which emerges out from the foot hills of Choke Mountain invites Debre Markos University to focus its scientific engagement on enhancing agricultural productivity and agro-processing.

Over the last fifteen years, Debre Markos University has been offering education opportunities focusing on quality, flexibility and prompt customer service. With this, it has contributed more than forty thousand graduates who could have their own share towards supporting the development endeavor of the nation. Currently, Debre Markos University is running a range of academic programs (64 undergraduate, 79 MA/MSC and 10 PhD) on a regular, a summer and a week-end series and hosting a student population of more than a total of 32000 students in three institutes, two schools, five colleges, three campuses and two teaching centers.  

Finally, on behalf of the academic affairs vice president office, I encourage all interested to join Debre Markos University as it strives to provide educational opportunities that will support the personal and professional development of the local community and beyond. The new programs now in development and other initiatives are underway to help us meet the changing needs of actual and potential customers. We will thus continuously update our website with new program information so that please check back as often as possible.

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