President’s Message

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President’s Message

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dr-tafere-1.jpgTafere Melaku (PhD)

Debre Markos university, President


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PoBox: 269 
Debre Markos, Ethiopia

Debre Markos University (DMU), which is one of the public higher education institutions in Ethiopia, was established in 2005. The university is located around 299 km North West from the Capital, Addis Ababa. Although it is a very young institution, it is going through a rapid development. The number of academic programs at its establishment was eight in one faculty. Currently, it has 62 undergraduate, 65 MA and MSC and 9 PhD programs. The student population, which was 760 at its establishment, has risen to over 32, 000.

DMU is also located at the center of the former Gojjam Province that is blessed with agriculture. Since the surrounding area is naturally endowed with high agriculture potentials, DMU has justifiably chosen crop productivity and agro-processing as its major center of excellence. We are reasonably entrusted with making a difference in promoting agricultural productivity and agro-processing, and we are committed to helping our farmers.

In addition to its being the source of Abay, Gojjam is, in relative terms, the source of Ethiopian Literature and it is the birthplace of many famous Ethiopian writers including Haddis Alemayehu, who wrote the Known Amharic Novel: Fəqər əskä Mäqabər or Love until Death. HenceDMU is working hard to excel in literature, culture and language development. Geez is to Ethiopia as Latin is to the West. Geez is also our national identity and it is the oldest language in Africa. Due to this fact, DMU has recently launched first degree program in Geez.

 DMU is also fortunate to have this motto: ‘Grow Wiser at the Water Tower’ as it is found under the foot of Choke Mountain, which is the water tower of East Africa. We always strive to be a source of knowledge and wisdom as Choke Mountain is a source of numerous rivers and springs. Due to this, our graduates are more resourceful and competent in all sectors. We are proud of them.

Dear staff (academic and administrative), it is a privilege for me to serve and work with you, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for your extraordinary determination, humanity and grace, the backbone of our community. Throughout every aspect of teaching, research and community service, you have advanced DMU to record milestones. Your wonderful research publication rank in the world is a case in point, and DMU is stronger than ever. Even if the past few years were very challenging, you never gave up. Instead, you kept going and you were very compassionate, supportive and passionate in many aspects. Therefore, I kindly urge you to be more loyal and committed to our institutional core values and to exert your maximum efforts so as to ensure the overall development of your university and improve the livelihood of your society.

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