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Debremarkos Universty student service Directorate sport and Recreation team

The purpose of our university sport and Recreation it to ensure that are students and other university community who are interested in participating in the extracurricular activities on sport and Recreation are given affair opportunity to do so.

 Sport and Recreation activities

  1. Developing useful new capabilities for students that can lead to extension career opportunities
  2. Developing students leader ship capabilities and Good organization skills
  3. Enhancing the social skills of the students through interpersonal skills
  4. cultivating group interaction and leadership among students
  5. Developing the interaction between student B/n campus and colleges Different competitions well be organized for regular undergraduates students.

However types of sport and Recreation n are determined by the agreements of to be reached among the directorate of students.

The student union and sport science department.

 Also the team facilitate and leads Difference sport competition and clubs of mass sport university communite.

Move over the university will participate in Governments higher education sports festival based on the calendar of the sport association.

Debre markos university sport and Recreation team given Different service for students and university communiet.


  • Foot ball competitions and training
  • Vally ball competitions and training
  • Athletics and para Olympic and training
  • Dstve and tve program
  • Different cultural show and also controlling cafeteria and shops and different service area.
  • Debre markos university sport and Recreation team.
No Name sex position phone Mail
1 Shewaye berhanu m Team leader 0913245716 Shewaye11@
2 Samson gizachew m officer 0912782889


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