New Student

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1. Regular Student

For a new regular student he/she has to know the following:

  • Whether he/she has been assigned by the Ministry of Education in DMU
  • The new students’ admission dates that should be announced via TV or other media
  • The necessary admission requirements such as EHEECE results, transcript, passport size photos and others
  • He/she has to report to the university within the already specified admission date

2. Extension Student

For a new degree program extension student one must take into account the following things:

  • The application/admission dates which have been announced by the university
  • The necessary admission requirements, that means
  • For degree students, legal degree documents and/or  an EHEECE result above the passing mark for entrance to higher education, which is decided by the Ministry of Education each year
  • For 12+2 diploma holders, legal diploma certificate without COC LEVEL IV document and for 10+3/Level III or Level IV diploma holders,  legal diploma certificate with COC LEVEL IV document
  • Application fees
  • Entrance exam and its administration date(s) (only for 10+3 diploma holders)
  • Registration dates
  • Tuition fees

3. Summer Student

4. Transfer student

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