Research Policies and Procedures

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Though the effort is at its infant stage, academic staff of Debre Markos University, in all disciplines, has been trying to conduct research that not only assist the teaching-learning process but also address the top priority problems of the society. Cognizance of this effort, the University has been working to develop its research and publication services since its inauguration in 2007. As part of its endeavor, the University hosts research forum annually where researchers present their research results. All the papers presented in the Annual National Research Symposia are published in proceedings. We believe both the symposia and proceedings help staff researchers not only to disseminate the findings and results of their research but also to develop their research skills. Currently, Debre Markos University is striving to launch research journal which is hoped to be an additional tool to motivate DMU researchers to engage in research activities widely and effectively. The efficacy of all these efforts, however, needs to be supported by sound directives and guidelines. This document is prepared in this view. Ratified by the University Senate in its meeting on March 21, 2015, we hope that this guide line serves as a significant tool to improve the quality of the researches by our academic staff.
Best wishes,
Research and Community Service Vice President

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