Community Services

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Debre Markos University office of community services is devoted to coordinate, implement and monitor a comprehensive system of community-based programs and services. The office is responsible to the provision of knowledge based training, consultancy services and community development activities. Currently, community service directorate undertakes five major activities under the four offices. The details of each Community services engagement areas are presented below.

Community Services directorate

Regarding community services, there was a plan of diversifying the type of community Services to 10 in the last strategic plan year. Accordingly, community services in trainings (11 types), consultancy services (4 types) and community development services (4 types) were given and these benefited about 2031 community members. However, the plan was under estimated compared to what the university is expected to do and it was not run in an integrated manner so as to address large beneficiaries properly.

In the past five years capacity building training were given on research and mega project writing to improve the capacity of the academic staff and increase their involvement in research and community services.

Community development works on health, integrated seed sector development, and natural resource management have been implemented. As a result, 315 beneficiaries affected with Podoconiosis have got medication, 650 have benefited from ISSD project through training and financial support, and 65 farmers have benefited from water shade development works.

Moreover, the university established youth football project to cultivate the potentials of 35 youths in football. Three hundred thirty six students with high academic achievement from nearby secondary schools have got training in summer outreach program on STEM.

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