Who We Are

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Debre Markos University is responsible for providing relevant educational programs at undergraduate and graduate study levels. In addition, the University offers continuous short-term training, research work and consultancy services.

Based on the Higher Education Proclamation №. 650/2009 Article 8, without prejudice to other provisions of this proclamation, every institution (University) shall:

  • Uphold the objectives of higher education and the guiding values of the institution; and ensure that it is an institution of scholarship;
  • Develop programs of study and provide higher education; prepare and supply qualified graduates in knowledge, skills,
  • and attributes on the basis of needs of the country; and award academic qualifications in accordance with its programmes;
  • Undertake and encourage relevant study, research, and community services in national and local priority areas and disseminate the findings as may be appropriate; undertake, as may be necessary, joint academic and research projects with national and foreign institutions or research centers;
  • Recruit and administer its personnel and manage its finance and property in accordance with this proclamation and other applicable laws;
  • Legislate and implement internal rules and guidelines in accordance with this proclamation;
  • Prepare and implement institutional plans, budget and organizational structures, and submit performance reports in accordance with this proclamation;
  • Establish cooperation relations with industries and other institutions in pursuit of this mission;
  • Give recognition or award prizes or honorary degrees to persons of outstanding achievements or contributions to society;
  • Provide support to primary and secondary education and provide support and cooperate with preparatory and technical and vocational schools as may be appropriate;
  • Publish annual and multi-year statistics on educational input-and-output and financial incomes and expenditures as stipulated in this proclamation;
  • Discharge other responsibilities provided for in this proclamation and in its instrument of establishment.

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