Research Publication in 2015

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Research Publication in 2015

s/n Authors name Title of the article Volume & issue No. Journal name and address
73 Nurilign Abebe, Getachew Mullu, Zewdu Dagnew, Gedfew M, Redi M, Molla M,Setarg S, Fentahun S, Adisie  Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Women Towards Female Genital Mutilation in Lejet Kebele, Dembecha Woreda, Amhara Regional State, Northwest, Ethiopia, Vol. 3, No. 2, Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.
74 Celia Sanchez, Nurilign Abebe  Level of Mental Health Service Integration in Primary Health Care Units in Debre Markos Town, Ethiopia,


Vol. 3, No. 2 Science Journal of Public Health
75 Nurilign Abebe, Selamawit Zewdu  Common Mental Disorder among HIV Infected Individuals at Comprehensive HIV Care and Treatment Clinic of Debre Markos Referral Hospital, Ethiopia. Vol. 6 (420) J AIDS Clinical  Research
76  Nurilign Abebe, Kahsay A, Mullu G, Bekele D, Getu A, et al.  HIV/AIDS Related Knowledge and Attitude among Health Science Student of Debre Markos University, North West Ethiopia, 2014. Vol. 6 (436) J AIDS Clinical  Research
77 Getachew Mullu, Dessie B, Zewdie A. Assessment of Early Sexual Initiation and Associated Factors among Preparatory School Students of FaggetaLekoma District, Awi Zone, Northwest Ethiopia, 2015 Vol. 6, 521-529. International Journal of Clinical Medicine 10.4236/ ijcm.2015.68070
78 Getachew Mullu, Ayu Gizachew, Desalegne Amare, Animut Alebel, Fasil Wagnew, Chalachew Tiruneh, Mulat Worku, Rhama Kediri, Sanbato Tamiru, Temesgen Demsie. Prevalence of Gender Based Violence and Associated Factors among Female Students of Menkorer High School in Debre Markos Town, Northwest Ethiopia. Vol. 3, No. 1 Science Journal of Public Health. 2015, pp. 67-74. doi: 10.11648/ j.sjph.20150301.22
79 Desalegne Amare,

Getachew Mullu.

Mothers’ Attitude towards Childhood Diarrhea Management and Prevention in under Five Children in Fenote Selam Town, West Gojjam, Amhara, Northwest Ethiopia. Vol. 3, No. 3 Science Journal of Public Health. 2015, pp. 398-403. doi: 10.11648/ j.sjph.20150303.25
80 Getiye Dejenu, Selamawit Zewdu Prevalence and associated factors of depression among HIVinfected patients in DebreMarkos town northwest Ethiopia. Vol. 17(4) Intrenational journal of emergency mental health and human resillience 2015, 17(4).
81 Girma Alem Getie, Erdaw Tachbele Betre, Habtamu Abera Hareri Assessment of Factors Affecting Turnover Intention Among Nurses Working at Governmental Health Care Institutions in East Gojjam, Amhara Region, Ethiopia, Volume 4, Issue 3 American Journal of Nursing Science
82 Haymanot Zeleke, Daniel Mengistu and Girma Alem Assessment of Nurses’ Preparedness and Identify Barriers to Care Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence in East Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia, 2014 Vol. 4(250) Journal of nursing care
83 Tenaw Gualu Melesse, Yohannes Ayalew, Girma Alem, Haymanot Zeleke and Girmay Tsegaye Prevalence and Factors Associated with Parental Traditional Medicine Use for Children in Motta Town, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia, 2014 Vol. 4 (179) Alternative & Integrative
84 Alice Campiona, Abreham Tamirub, Girmay Tsegayc and Gail Daveya Reasons for loss to follow-up of patients with podoconiosis in the Amhara Region, northern Ethiopia International Health
85 Dereje Girma, Getachew Hailu, Mulatu Ayana and Kassahun Ketema Factors Early Sexual Initiation among Governmental Preparatory School Students, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education
86 Yeshamble Sinshaw, Kassahun Ketema1, Mulugeta Tesfa Exclusive Breast Feeding Practice and Associated Factors Among Mothers in Debre Markos Town and Gozamen District, East Gojjam Zone, North West Ethiopia Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences
87 Kurabachew Bitew, Mekonnen Aychiluhim and Kedir Yimam Maternal Satisfaction on Delivery Service and Its Associated Factors among Mothers Who Gave Birth in Public Health Facilities of Debre Markos Town, Northwest Ethiopia Biomed research International
88 Emana Alemu, Azeb Atnafu, Mezgebu Yitayal and Kedir Yimam Prevalence of Overweight and/or Obesity and Associated Factors among High School Adolescents in Arada Sub city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Journal of Nutrition and food science
89 Tewodros Tegene, Gashaw Andargie, Ansha Nega and Kedir Yimam Newborn Care Practice and Associated Factors among Mothers who gave Birth within One Year in Mandura District, Northwest Ethiopia Clinics in mother and child health
90 Metadel Alemayehu, Digsu N. Koye, Amare Tariku, and Kedir Yimam Prevalence of Active Trachoma and Its Associated Factors among Rural and Urban Children in Dera Woreda, Northwest Ethiopia: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study Biomed research International
91 Cherutesema Environmental and Host Related determinants of Tuberculosis in Metema District, North west Ethiopia, Case-control study design Dove press, Drug, Health Care and Patient safety
92 Mequanent Tadele Exclusive Breastfeeding and Maternal Employment in Ethiopia: A Comparative Cross- Sectional Study design International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences
93 Mulunesh Alemayehu The Prevalence of Skilled Birth Attendant Utilization and Its Correlates in North West Ethiopia BioMed Research International
94 Dereje Gedle, Baye Gelaw, Dagnachew Muluye and Mola Mesele Prevalence of Malnutrition and its associated factors among adult people living with HIV/AIDS Receiving Anti-Retroviral Therapy at Butajira Hospital, Southern Ethiopia BMC Nutrition
95 Dereje Gedle, Getnet Mekuria, Gemechu Kumera, Tewodros Eshete, Fituma Feyera and Temesgen Ewunetu Food insecurity and its associated factors among people living with HIV/AIDS Receiving Anti-Retroviral Therapy at Butajira Hospital, Southern Ethiopia Nutrition and Food Sciences
96 Fetuma Feyera, Dereje Gedle,  Getnet Mihretie, Asres Bedaso, GemechuKumera Prevalence of depression and associated factors among Somali refugee at melkadida camp, southeast Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study BMC Psychiatry
97 Gemechu Kumera, Tadese Awoke, Tesfahun Melese, Setegn Eshetie, Getnet Mekuria, Feleke Mekonnen, Temesgen Ewunetu and Dereje Gedle Prevalence of zinc deficiency and its association with dietary, serum albumin and intestinal parasitic infection among pregnant women attending antenatal care at the University of Gondar Hospital, Gondar, Northwest BMC Nutrition
98 Dereje Gedle, Mengistu Endris, Belay Tesema, Fituma Feyera , Temesgen Ewunetu,  Gemechu Kumera Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus: Current Status and Future Implications Medical Microbiology & Diagnosis
99 Temesgen Ewunetu, Tekalign Deressa, DerejeGedle, Gemechu Kumera and Ermias Diro Pro- and Anti-inflammatory Cytokines in Visceral Leishmaniasis Journal of Cell Science & Therapy
100 Dereje Gedle Effects of HIV/AIDS on Micronutrients SM Journal  of Food and  Nutritional  Disorders
101 Habtamu Abera, Muleta Mokonnen and DubeJara Knowledge, Attitude, Utilization of Emergency Contraceptive and Associated Factors among Female Students of Debre Markos Higher Institutions, Northwest Ethiopia. Journal of Family Medicine & Medical Science Research
102 Selamawit G. Egzeabher, Mekionnen Ayichiluhm Bishaw, Teketo Kassaw Tegegne, Dube Jara Boneya Modern Family Planning Utilization and Associated Factors among HIV Positive Reproductive Age Women in Debre Markos Referral Hospital Northwest, Ethiopia, 2014 Open Journal of Epidemiology
103 Yezihalem Tamir, Mekonen Aychiluhem & Dube Jara Disclosure Status and Associated Factors among Children Living With HIV in East Gojjam,  Northwest of Ethiopia 2014 Quality in Primary Care
104 Ahmed   Esmaile Zewdu Dagnaw Genet Degu Bacterial Contamination of Stored Blood Ready for Transfusion at a Referral Hospital in Ethiopia Vol.5 (2) J Clin Res Bioeth  5:2
105 Teshome Kokebie, Mekonen Aychiluhm and Genet Degu Community Based Essential New Born Care Practices and Associated Factors among Women in the Rural Community of Awabel District, East Gojjam Zone, Amhara, Ethiopia, 2013 International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research
106 MulugetaDile Daniel Taddesse Molla Gedefaw Tarekegn Asmamaw Knowledge of Obstetric Danger Signs and its Associated Factors in Debaytilatgin District, Ethiopia: A Community Based Cross Sectional Study OMICS publisher group
107 Gidey B, Habtamu Mellie Muluken Teshome Voluntary HIV counseling and testing service utilization among pregnant mothers in North West Ethiopia in 2014 Journal of AIDS and Clinical Research
108 Lealem Gedefaw, Getinet Tesfaw, endalew Z, Mulatu gashaw, Netsanet Fentahun, Alemayehu Reta, Daniel Yilma Anemia and intestinal parasite infection among children in Jimma university specialized hospital International journal of biological and medical research
109 Mulatu Ayana, Samrawit Shiferaw, Molla Gedefaw Post natal care service utilization and associated factor among women in Dembecha Science journal of public health
110 Habtamu Mellie, Direslgn Miskir, Hailu Fekadu Assessment of time of sexual initiation and associated factors among students in northwest Ethiopia Vol. 3 (1) Science journal of public health
111 Habtamu Mellie, Direslgn Miskir, Amlaku Mulat Assessment of duration of staying free from acquiring re-happening opportunistic infections among pre ART people living with HIV between 2008and 2013 Vol. 2015 Bio med research international
112 Amlaku Mulat, Hinsermu Bayu, Habtamu Mellie, YosefTsige, Induced second trimester abortion and associated factors in Amhara region referral hospitals Vol. 2015 Bio med research international
113 Netsanet Belete, Yosef tsige, Habtamu Mellie Willingness and acceptability of cervical cancer screening among women living with HIV in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Vol. 2 (6) Gynecology oncologic research and practice
114 Habtamu Mellie Time gap between repeat and re-happening opportunistic infections among PLHIV commencing ART Vol. 4 (1) Clinical medicine research
115 Addis Adera, Mesfin Wudu, Yonas Yimam, Habtamu Abera, Getenet Dessie, Fitwi Tinsae Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Women of Reproductive Age Group towards Abortion Care at Debre Markos Referral Hospital, Debre Markos Ethiopia Vol. 3(5) Science Journal of Public Health
116 Mequanent G, Molla G, Girmay T, Getachew Mullu Magnitude of out of pocket health expenditure and associated factors among Debre Markos town civil servants Vol. 4 (4) International; journal of public health

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