Debre Markos University Alumni Association

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Alumni Relation office at Debre Markos University aims of establishing robust link between DMU and its fomer Graduates.  It commits itself to form an interwoven network of interaction between the University and its fomer graduates and among the Graduates Themselves. The University has a strong belief that its graduates are


To establish sustained interaction with our Alumni nationally and inter-nationally and ensure that the university and its graduates benefit out of such sustained interaction.


  • Establish National and international alumni chapters and ensure that they are kept connected to the University.
  • Strengthen the existing chapters abroad
  • Create and maintain a lifelong link between DMU and its graduates, as well as the broader community.
  • Encourage Alumni participation in fundraising initiatives of the university and any other activity that could benefit the university to realize its mission.
  • Foster a sense of loyalty between the university and its alumni by means of university memorabilia.
  • Serve as a platform of continuous and networked interaction among its graduates to help them share information and experiences.

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