Research Publication in 2014

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Research Publication in 2014

s/n Authors name Title of the article Volume & issue No. Journal name and address
25 Getachew Mullu, Emebet Birhanie, Nurilign Abebe Assessment of Premarital Sexual Practice And Associated Factors Among Alamata High School And Preparatory School Adolescents, South Tigray, Ethiopia;


Vol. 14 (3) Global Journal of Medical research: Interdisciplinary
26 Nurilign Abebe, Habtamu Abera, Mulatu Ayana The Implementation of Nursing Process and Associated Factors among Nurses Working in Debre Markos and Finote Selam Hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia Vol. 3 (149) Journal of Nursing care
27 Nurilign Abebe, Getachew Mullu Prevalence of Opportunistic Infections and Associated Factors among HIV Positive Patients taking Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Debre Markos Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia. Vol.5 (301) Journal of AIDS and clinical research
28 Demeke Getu, Molla Gedefaw, Nurilign Abebe Childhood Diarrheal Diseases and Associated Factors in the Rural Community of Dejen District, Northwest Ethiopia, 2014; Vol. 5 (1) American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences (ASRJETS)
29 Getachew Mullu, Girmay Tsegay, Nurilign Abebe, Woldie Bogale, Teferi Tadesse, Desalegne Amare & Girma Alem Early Sexual Initiation and Associated Factors among Debre Markos University Students, North West Ethiopia


Vol. 4 (5) Science Journal of Clinical Medicine



30 Rahel Nega, Tachbele E, Getachew Mulu. Cancer Pain and its Management: Knowledge of Nurses at Selected Health Institutions, Offering Cancer Treatment in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2013. Vol. 3 (137) J Pain Relief 3: 137. doi:10.4172 /2167-0846.1000137
31 Rahel Nega, Getachew Mullu Nurses’ Attitude, Practice and Barriers toward Cancer Pain Management, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Vol. 6 (483-487) J Cancer SciTher 6: 483-487. doi:10.4172 /1948-5956.100031 2
32 Desalegn Amare, Amare D, Dereje B, Kassie B, Tessema M, Getachew Mullu, et al Maternal Knowledge and Practice Towards Diarrhoea Management in Under Five Children in FenoteSelam Town, West Gojjam Zone, Amhara Regional State, Northwest Ethiopia, 2014. Vol. 2(182) J Infect Dis Ther 2: 182. doi: 10.4172/ 2332-0877.1000182
33 Getye Dejenu, Ejigu Y, Tiruneh G, Mekonnen M Prevalence and contributing factorsof female genital cutting in debaytilatgin district, northwest Ethiopia. Vol. 2(4) ClinicsMother Child Health
34 Abreham Tamiru1*, Girmay Tsegay1, Moges Wubie1, Molla Gedefaw2, Sara Tomczyk3 and Fasil Tekola-Ayele4 Podoconiosis patients’ willingness to pay for treatment services in Northwest Ethiopia: potential for cost recovery Vol. BMC Public Health
35 Sintayehu Aweke Sewunet, Kassahun Ketema Aredo and Molla Gedefew Uncorrected refractive error and associated factors among primary school children in Debre Markos District, Northwest Ethiopia BMC Public Health
36 Kassahun Ketema Aredo, Adugna Birhanu Kebede, Mekonin Aychiluhim,

Mulatu Ayana

Determinants of Eye Lid Surgical Care Utilization Among Trachomatous Trichiasis Patients in Rural Communities: In the Case of Basoliben District, North West Ethiopia American Journal of Internal Medicine
37 Almaz Gizaw, Dube Jara and Kassahun Ketema Risky Sexual Practice and Associated Factors among High School Adolescent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2014 Family Medicine &

Medical Science Research

38 Kedir Yimam, Yigzaw Kebede, Telake Azale Prevalence of Common Mental Disorders and Associated Factors among

Adults in Kombolcha Town, Northeast Ethiopia

Journal of Depression and Anxiety
39 Girmay Tsegaya,, Moges Wubiea, Genet Degua, Abreham Tamirub, Max Cooperc and Gail Daveyc Barriers to access and re-attendance for treatment of podoconiosis: a qualitative study in northern Ethiopia International Health
40 Feleke Doyore and Dube Jara Evaluating Effectiveness of Abstinence Message Response for HIV/Aids Prevention and Associated Factors among Hadiya Zone College Students using Extended Parallel Process Model, South Ethiopia Journal Clinical Research Bioethics
41 Kumlachew Geremew,Molla Gedefaw, Zewdu Dagnew, and Dube Jara Current Level and Correlates of Traditional Cooking Energy Sources Utilization in Urban Settings in the Context of Climate Change and Health, Northwest Ethiopia: A Case of Debre Markos Town Biomedical Research International
42 Megib Andualem, Gebyaw Tiruneh, Ayu Gizachew and DubeJara The prevalence of intimate partner physical violence against women and associated factors in Gozaman Woreda, Northwest Ethiopia. International Journal of Gender and Sexuality Studies.
43 Bantamen G, Belaynew W and Dube Jara Factors Associated with Malnutrition among Under Five Years Age Children at Machakel Woreda, Northwest Ethiopia: A Case Control Study Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences
44 Mulugeta Asmare1, Mekonnen Aychiluhem, Mulatu Ayana and Dube Jara Level of ART Adherence and Associated Factors among HIV Sero- Positive Adult on Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in Debre Markos Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia. Journal of Antiviral &Antiretroviral
45 Tamiru Wondie, Dube Jara and Mulatu Ayana Factors Associated with Macrosomia among Neonates Delivered at Debre Markos Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia. A Case Control Study. Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism
46 Simachew Hailu1, Belayenew Wassie2 and Dube Jara Current Level and Correlates of Exclusive Breastfeeding among Employed Mothers in Debre Marko’s Town, Northwest Ethiopia, 2013. Journal of Community Medicine and Health Education
47 Ayu Gizachew, Balcha Berhanu, Dube Jara and Zewdu Dagnew Level of Knowledge, Attitude and Associated Factors among Women toward Breastfeeding in the Era of HIV/AIDs, JabiTehinan Woreda, Northwest Ethiopia, 2012. Journal of Clinics Mother and Child Health
48 Tenaw Yimer, Tesfaye Gobena, Gudina Egata and Habtamu Mellie Magnitude of Domestic Violence and Associated Factors among Pregnant Women in HuletEjjuEnessie District, Northwest Ethiopia Advances in Public Health

49 Tarekegn Asmamaw Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and intension of health science students to ward safe abortion care service, DMU Lambert
50 Desalegne Amare Berhane Gebrekidane Kefyalew Addis

Balew Arega

Tarekegn Asemamaw

Prevalence and Associated Factors of Stunting Among Schoolchildren, in

Debre Markos Town and Gozamen Woreda, East Gojjam Zone, Amhara

Regional State, Ethiopia, 2013

OMICS publisher group
51 Muluken Teshome, Wuhib B, Amanuel Alemu Birth Preparedness and Complication Readiness and Associated Factors among Pregnant Women in Basoliben District, Amhara Regional State, Northwest Ethiopia, 2013 Primary Health Care


52 Ahmed Esmael, Moges Wubie, kassuDesta, et al Genotyping and drug resistance pattern of Tuberculosis in eastern Amhara, Ethiopia JBR Journal of clinical Diagnosis and research
53 Tilahun W.Mekonen Aychiluhm Ahmed E. Prevalence of intestinal parasite and associated factors among Debre Elias primary school children Vol.5(1) Bacteriology and parasitology
54 Mengistu Endiris, Feleke Moges, Yeshambel Belayneh, Eleni Woldehana, Ahmed Esmael Treatment outcome of tuberculosis patients at Enfraz health center, North west Ethiopia Tuberculosis research and treatment
55 Alemayehu Reta, Lealem Gedefaw, Tsegayesewnet, Getinetbeyene Nasal carriage, risk factor, antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of MRSA among school children J medmicrob design
56 Getachew Mengistu, AbrhamAsefa, GebruMulugeta, tsehaynesh Lemma Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of salmonella servors and shigelaspp Microbial and biochemical technology
57 Mulugeta Asrat, Getachew Hailu, Molla Gedefaw, MulugetaTesfa Prevalence and associated factors of ART adverse effect among PLHIV in Debre Markos Hospital Vol. 3(3) Journal of family medicine and medical science research
58 Habtamu Mellie, Direslgn Miskir, Eskeziaw Agidew, Marelign Tilahun Time to increase WHO clinical stage of people with HIV in public health facilities of Arbaminch town Vol. 3 (5) Clinical medicine research
59 Direslgn Miskir, Demissie M, Habtamu Mellie Effect of Highly active Antiretroviral therapy on incidence of opportunistic infections among HIV positive adults in public health facilities of Arbaminch town Vol. 5 (330) J.AIDS and clinical research
60 Fekadu H. Adissie M. Habtamu Mellie Sero status disclosure and condom use among PLWHAS on ART in Asella town health facilities Vol. 6 (414) J.AIDS and clinical research
61 Zewdie Aderaw Global, regional and national levels of neonatal, infant and under five mortality during 1990-2013: systematic analysis for the global burden of disease study, 2013 Vol. Lancet
62 Zewdie Aderaw Global, regional and national levels and cause of maternal mortality during 1990-2013: systematic analysis for the global burden of disease study, 2013 Lancet
63 Zewdie Aderaw Global, regional and national prevalence of overweight and obesity in children and adults during 1980-2013: systematic analysis for the global burden of disease study, 2013 Lancet
64 Zewdie Aderaw Global, regional and national incidence and mortality for HIV, Tuberculosis and malaria during 1980-2013: systematic analysis for the global burden of disease study, 2013 Lancet
65 Aklilutilahun, Zewdie Aderaw Determinant of under-five child hood diarrhea in kotebe health center, Yeka sub city, Addis Ababa Vol. 14 (4) Global journal of medical research
66 Zewdie Aderaw Impact of climate change on food security: A systematic review in Sub Sahara Africa Earth science and climate change
67 Habtamu Abera, Molla Gedefaw, Bekele Simegn assessments of prevalence and associated factors of adherence to antihypertensive agents among adults on follow up in AdamaReferal hospital,East Shoa, Ethiopia-cross sectional study Vol. 3 (1) International journal of current microbiology and applied science
68 Mekonen Y, Mekonen Aychiluhm and Getye Dejenu Prevalence and determinants of home
birth after antenatal care attendance in gozamin district, northwestEthiopia.
Vol. 9 (5) iMedPub Journals
69 Workneh S, Getye Dejenu, Genet Degu Determinants of early marriage among femalechildren in sinan district, northwest Ethiopia. Vol. 9 (5) iMedPub Journals
70 Zelalem Berha, Fantu Abebe, Molla Gedefaw, Mulugeta Tesfa

Muluken Assefa

and Yilkal Tafere

Risk for HIV infection among infants born from HIV positive mothers in South Gondar Vol.7 (876) BMC research note
71 Tebikew Yeneabat, Tefera Belachew, Muluneh Haile Determinants of cessation of exclusive breastfeeding in AnkeshaGuagusa Woreda, Awi Zone, Northwest Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study Vol. 14 (262) BMC pregnancy and child health
72 Habtamu G. Gebyaw Tiruneh, Ayu Gizachew, Fentahun Tadese Assesment of maternal near miss at debre Markos referral hospital; five year experience Vol. 4(199-207) Open journal of epidemiology

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