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DMU Soil Conservation Projects make Farmers’ beneficiary on Green Economy Development

  DMU:-Flood, land degradation and soil erosion is the major problem of SinanWoredaChiraWonzwatershedcommunityfarmers. SinanWoredaChirawonz watershed farmers state that the increasing of land degradation of the land and the erosion of the soil cause them to lead hazardous life, it is a recent happening. The problem is critical for people and animals. The vice president for30

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DMU Brings Extensive Changes in Climate Smart Village Innovative Platforms

  DMU:-Research and community service activities under taking on 13 Debre Markos University climate smart villages innovative platform have shown meaningful changes on the lives of the farmers. Climate smart villages enable the farmers to be productive and beneficiary through the activities done in seed adaptation on their plots of land. Mr. AbyotMola DMU Choke30

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Debre Markos University realizes farmers’ beneficiary in Wheat Seed Multiplication

  DMU:-Selected wheat seed delivery to organized selected seed producer farmers is an activity of  Debre Markos University Research and Community Service division  among activities done on the farmer`s plot of farming land.  Selected wheat seed production is being practiced in a clustered manner on Debre Elias and BasoLibenWoredas. DMU works aggressively in distributing productive30

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DMU Develops New Bean Species

  DMU:-The bean productivity is decreasing from time to time in Gojjam. The reason is that the decreasing of yield amount and the tendency disease infection is highly feasible. This problem leads farmers to stop bean farming. In relation to this Debre Markos University aggressively works with the farmers and brings a new species of30

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Debre Markos University Works with Johannes Kepler University

  DMU: Debre Markos University in its external relationship and partnership venture works with JohannesKepler University, Austria. Public lecture is also organized at Debre Markos University. During the Public lecture, the president of Debre Markos University Dr. TafereMelaku states that the university adheres to work on increasing external relationship and Partnership especially with universities and30

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Debre Markos University Celebrates students welcome colorfully

  Debre Markos University welcomes students for 2011 academic year colorfully. The students welcoming programme is organized by Debre Markos University Students’ Union and Marda Advertising and Promotion, which aimed at ensuring peaceful learning teaching environment. During the occasion, the president of Debre Markos University Dr. TafereMelaku, expresses that the University is highly ready to30

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