Office of the President

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               Head of the President Office, Debre Markos University

Contact Address:-

Tel. Phone: 0986189097 


P/O/Box: 269

Building No. 28

Debre Markos University is officially established in 2005/06 as one of the second generation Universities following the national vision and development goals. Actually, it is believed that the country’s economical, social and political transformation can be realized with the production of competent, innovative and ethical graduates from higher education institutions.

With its strong vision to bring transformational impact on the community, Debre Markos University is working aggressively on ensuring quality education and enhancing problem solving research and community engagement. Cognizant of this, the third strategic plan has been developed for the next five years with five thematic areas including two centers of excellence in culture, literature and language development as well as in crop production and agro-processing. The realization of the strategic plan and achievement of its goal can be proved by implementing strong organizational structure that ensures team work of the University community. Therefore, Debre Markos University has organized in different levels of authorities and responsibilities as vice presidents, directorates and officers according to the core missions.

Structurally, the head of the president office is accountable to the president with responsibilities in coordinating and facilitating all activities performed by support sub Processes (directorates) that are organized under the president office. Currently, there are about 10 directorates and one office directly accountable to the president office such as public relation and communication directorate, institutional quality assurance directorate, good governance and institutional transformation directorate, project development and partnership directorate, gender, HIV/AIDs and special needs directorate, planning, monitoring and evaluation directorate, internal audit directorate, ethics and anti-corruption directorate, legal service directorate, community radio station director and complain handling office, which all of them have their own duties and responsibilities to be accomplished.

Furthermore, the head of the president office is responsible in the following activities:

  • Consult and assist the president and vice presidents of the university
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of university plan and budget in collaboration with the directorate of planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Distribute management minutes to concerned bodies and follow up its implementation
  • Coordinate and coach the University construction and infrastructure development team
  • Submit issues which need the decision of administrative council to the president
  • Serve as a secretary of the University management
  • Perform and coordinate other activities of president office

The head of the president office strongly believes in team work and collaboration for successful accomplishment of the assigned duties and responsibilities and realizing the vision. Therefore, the office strives to create team spirit and develop shared vision among the directorates directly accountable to the president in particular as well as among the University community in general to enhance teaching-learning, research and community engagement for societal change.

“What matters is not authority rather responsibility and sense of ownership”

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