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Message from Research and Publication directorate

It is obvious that conducting research and transferring appropriate technologies for the benefit of the communities are responsibilities of universities. Accordingly, our offices aspire to advance the excellence of problem-solving research and technology transfer at Debre Markos University (DMU) by providing central services in research policy, compliance, contract development and negotiation, technology transfer, research administration, and communications. From proposal development to technology transfer, our offices assist investigators at every stage of the research process.

The University surrounding is endowed with different research potentials. As a directorate, we think boldly. Today’s challenges are complex and the solutions require resources of innovation, expertise, and infrastructure. Collaborations that engage multiple disciplines and cross the borders of DMU will leverage our strengths to produce significant outcomes. We work to reach beyond our institutional borders to find partners who share our bold vision. Whether we are engaging in team science with other institutions or launching joint ventures with innovative agricultural systems, education, business, technological innovations, health and health systems, forming new partnerships is one of our priorities.

Research and Publication directorate

The Research and Publication directorate has done many activities. Off this, thematic areas Identification and organization, Research working guideline development, following the research activities, and Annual Symposium can be mentioned.

In thematic area Identification and organization; 16 major research areas have been identified after document review, collecting the interests of colleges in research and community need assessment survey.

The research and publication guideline of the university has been also developed and approved for implementation.

The Research and Publication directorate has also organized annual national research symposiums of the University in the strategic years and the outputs of the symposiums have been published in proceedings every year.

In the first strategic period (2003-2007 E.C), 455 researches were planned to be conducted and 50% of those research findings were planned to be disseminated. However, only 162 (36%) researches were conducted and 78 (48%) research findings were disseminated. The university has also undergone five national research Symposiums.

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