APPEAR in Practice: Strengthening Scientific Cooperation for Development

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APPEAR in Practice: Strengthening Scientific Cooperation for Development

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Vienna, May 30, 2023 – The Austrian Partnership Program in Higher Education and Research for Development (APPEAR) is making significant strides in fostering scientific cooperation and advancing development in partner countries. APPEAR, an abbreviation for ‘Austrian Partnership Program in Higher Education and Research for Development,’ is a flagship initiative of the Austrian Development Cooperation Programs. This program focuses on promoting teaching, learning, and research for development activities, with a particular emphasis on higher education institutions in developing countries.

APPEAR recently hosted an insightful workshop where project partners were invited to share their experiences in project implementation. Among the distinguished participants was the Institute of Land Administration at Debre Markos University, which has established strong networking and secured grant projects through APPEAR. This marks the second invitation for Debre Markos University, following their initial participation in 2017 during the execution of the EduLAND project.

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The workshop, held on May 9, 2023, in Vienna, provided a platform for approximately 80 attendees to engage in productive discussions. Dr. Sayeh Kassaw, along with Dr. Thomas Bauer and Dr. Reinfried Mansberger, delivered presentations on the achievements of the EduLAND project. They also delved into the concept of ‘Equal Partnership,’ highlighting the success factors, challenges, and the importance of mutual knowledge exchange between northern and southern partners.

During the workshop, the team also shed light on the Edu4GEO project, presenting its work packages, main activities, and guiding principles. The audience actively participated, raising thought-provoking questions and engaging in lively discussions.

Dr. Tafere Melaku, President of Debre Markos University, delivered a compelling speech that emphasized the historical significance of the partnership between the two sister countries and the role of the APPEAR project in shaping the university’s trajectory. Dr. Melaku emphasized that the EduLAND project held special impetus within the university’s partnership program, being the first grant project in its history.

APPEAR continues to make a remarkable impact through its various project phases, including preparatory funding, academic partnership projects, advanced academic partnership projects, impact extended partnership, and Master and PhD Scholarships. The program announces open calls for projects annually, and the selection process is highly competitive, ensuring the funding goes to the most deserving initiatives.

To learn more about APPEAR and its contributions to scientific cooperation and development, visit []. Stay tuned for further updates and inspiring stories of success as APPEAR continues to empower institutions and individuals in their pursuit of knowledge and growth.


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