MoU Between ILA/DMU and GII

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MoU Between ILA/DMU and GII

Debre Markos University Institute of Land Administration (ILA/DMU) and Geo-spatial Information Institute of Ethiopia (GII) have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on February 05/2021 to work together in areas of Land Management and Geo-spatial Science.

The institute of land administration prepares students for professional, entrepreneurial and academic activities which are primarily geared to monitoring earth from space, creating new visual representations of our human environment, as well as the management of data about the earth’s surface to the natural resources below. GII is mainly responsible for geospatial information production, research and development, national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) implementation, innovation and analytics on the geospatial sector of Ethiopia.

The specific areas of partnership focus on exchange and training of scientific and technical personnel; implementation of education and training programs in areas related to geospatial data and technology; transfer of equipment, know-how, and technology on a non-commercial basis; development of joint research or technical projects on subjects of mutual interest; sharing of spatial data and geospatial data gathering devices; launching new specialization program related to geospatial science, technology and its applications; practical training of students on spatial data processing, data analysis and interpretation; jointly organizing national and international symposiums, workshops, conferences, seminars and other key events depending on relevance within the scheduled events. Thus, the networking of these two institutions is very essential for sharing knowledge, skill, and data for the successful execution of their mandates.  

This MoU is signed by Debre Markos University president and general director of Geospatial Information Institute. The participants of the MoU ceremony were the general director and other two directors from the GII; and the management body, director for collaboration and partnership, and the ILA academic staff of DMU. In the ceremony, both institutions described the interdependence of their duties and accordingly their interest and desire to work together. The institutions have agreed to prepare action plan for the course of actions and to work together on these demanding areas of science.  

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