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Demeke Binalf /phd/

Dean, College of Post Graduate Studies

Mobile: +251913066163


DebreMarkos University launched Master’s degree in 2011/12 academic year with a few students in the fields of Health Science and Business and economics. Since then, the University has gone through changes and opened more than 45 postgraduate programs in various field of studies. The College of Postgraduate Studies in collaboration with each department, school, institute and colleges also plans to launch additional new programs in MSc/ MA and PhD programs in the subsequent years. The university has also opened two Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) and Applied Entomology in 2018/19 academic year.

The universities  has been working actively to deliver quality teaching and postgraduate student’s research that has potential to contribute much towards trained human resource and problem solving research output for the community.

The colleges offering postgraduate study all at masters level include Natural and computational Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Business and Economics,  Education and Behavioral Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Law and Institute of Technology.

Postgraduate programs are delivered in regular, extension and summer program at main campus(DebreMarkos)  and in extension program at Burie campus.

Vision, Mission and values of Post Graduate Studies,  DebreMarkos University

Vision: DebreMarkos University strives to be one of the leading universities in East Africa by 2025

Mission: Produce competent, ethical and innovative Masters Graduates in different fields of studies through providing quality and relevant education, and engaging students in research and co-curricular activities.


  • Student centeredness;
  • Quality and speedy service delivery;
  • Team sprit;
  • Academic freedom;
  • Competitiveness in scholarship;
  • Democracy and multiculturalism
  • Recognition of merit;
  • Professional ethics;
  • Good governance;
  • Social responsiveness

Postgraduate Programs at DebreMarkos University

Currently, the University offers postgraduate studies in 45 graduate programs in all regular, summer and extension programs and two PhD programs. The programs are listed here under by colleges.   Click Master  and PhD program

 Admission Requirements of candidates to Masters’ Programs at DebreMarkos University

  1. The applicant must have completed the academic requirements for the bachelors’ degree to be admitted to the master’s programs. Bachelor degrees should be from the same field or related field to the postgraduate program to which admission is sought.
  2. The School/Department Graduate Committee may include additional admission requirements in conformity with College of Post Graduate rules and regulations
  3. The applicant to Master programs must satisfactorily pass entrance examination to be administered by the hosting department.
  4. Submission of letter of sponsorship from government or Non-governmental organization or proof of financial support or payment receipt in case the applicant is self-sponsored applicant.
  5. Applicants shall be responsible to cover payments of tuition, accommodation and thesis research costs as per internal rules and regulation of the University, except those holding sponsorship letters for whom the sponsor will pay according to the agreement entered with the applicant or DebreMarkos University.

Graduation requirements for Master’s program :

  1. Completion of the minimum credit hours requirement as stipulated by the respective programs curricula.
  2. Pass in all courses with a minimum of ‘B’ grade.
  3. Not More than one ‘C’ grade.
  4. A minimum CGPA of 3.00.
  5. Pass in Thesis defense examination and approval of the same by the board of Examiners.
  6. Submission of hard copies of the approved thesis, soft copy of the whole thesis to the College Postgraduate Coordinator.


  • Dormitory  through the office of  Student Service Directorate
  • Library with all its facilities such as books, journals, proceedings and thesis
  • Internet access and WI-Fi

College of Postgraduate Studies Staff List

Office No : +251581780006   email:

No Staff Name Position Phone
1 Demeke Binalf /phd/ Dean, College of Post Graduate Studies +251913066163
2 Abrham Dagnasw Administrative Coordinator 0913245716
3 Beyene Chekol(Assistant Professor Officer, college of Postgraduate studies
4 Executive Secretary
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