IT Programs

Department of IT Programs

Year I Semester I Year I Semester II
Course Title Course Title
Introduction to Information Technology Fundamentals of Programming I
Computer Systems Application Discrete Mathematics and Combinatory
Communicative English Skills Basic Writing Skills
Civics and Ethical studies Fundamentals Electricity and Electronics Device
Introduction to logic Structural System Analysis and Design
Applied Mathematics for IT Introduction to Management

Year II Semester I Year II Semester II

Course Title Course Title
Computer Organization and Architecture Data structure and Algorithms
Fundamentals of Programming II Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented System Analysis and Design Operating Systems
Fundamentals of Database Systems Advanced Database Systems
Information Technology Project Management Fundamentals of Internet Programming
Introduction to Statistics

Year III Semester I Year III Semester II

Course Title Course Title
Event-Driven Programming Multimedia Systems
Advanced Programming E-Commerce
Advanced Internet Programming Seminar on Current Trends in IT
Computer Maintenance and Technical Support Introduction to Distributed Systems
Data Communication and Computer Networks Telecom Technologies
Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
Information Storage and Retrieval

Year IV Semester I Year IV Semester II

Course Title Course Title
Social and Professional Ethics in IT Industrial Project II
Industrial Project I System and Network Administration
Network Design Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Human Computer Interaction Network Device and Configuration
Integrative Programming and Technologies Information Assurance and Security
Basic Research Method in IT Elective II
Elective I

Elective Courses

Course Title
Artificial Intelligence (Elective I)
GIS and Remote Sensing (Elective I)
Computer Graphics (Elective I)
Security Implementation and Management (Elective II)
System Integration (Elective II)
System Simulation and Modeling (Elective II)




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