Application and Acceptance

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Continuing and Distance Education:

When to Apply

  • self sponsored summer students: 22/05/2017 – 23/07/2017
  • government sponsored summer students: communicate your employer (MoE)

How to Apply

  • self sponsored summer students are requested to apply in person at the main campus whereas government sponsored students are advised to communicate their employers in advance.
  • a student who is attending for his/her undergraduate degree program at the summer program of the University should have the following documents in his/her file.
  • Letter stating working experience
  • Certificate and transcript
  • University application form
  • Bank receipt for private students
  • Registration slip

After the Application

  • Keep with you registration slip that you have been given during registration at least until you graduate
  • Private students keep either the original or the copy of the bank receipt with you at least until you graduate


  • The university can render housing and cafeteria services to both government and self sponsored summer students at reduced cost. Private students can solicit the services having paid 1670 Birr per month.

New Student Orientation

  • the directorate will arrange a discussion forum at which all the responsible bodies of the university will meet new entrants to let them know the rules and regulations of the university

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