University initiates community-based projects

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University initiates community-based projects

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DEBRE MARKOS- University of Debre Markos said that it has initiated projects aiming at supporting local community through in agricultural, environmental and cultural researches.

In Exclusive interview with Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), Debre Markos University President, Tafere Melaku (PhD) said that projects targeting at supporting the local community, which is known for its productive agricultural activities, are being implemented, and about 32 projects which have been designed by the University are under implementation.

“The categorization of Universities based on their excellence puts Debre Markos University as applied University. So, we are conducting applied researches that could help launch community based projects.”

“We have assessed that previous projects were insignificant compared to the existing ones. This year, we have exerted efforts on developmental projects.”

Now, the University is implementing agricultural projects including summer season wheat irrigation and fruit breading projects in Debre Elias, Gozamin, and Bure as well as in some other areas of East Gojjam Zone, he added.

The University has also run a project aiming at afforesting the Abay [Nile] valley with bamboo trees.

“The Abay gorge can be one of national economic sources; hence we are cooperating with Selale University.

Besides, the gorge is very comparable area to the Chinese bamboo forest areas by its ecology. Chinese are familiar with bamboo furniture production; so we can do the same thing if we succeed with this project,” he stated.

The University has also been working to afforest the Choke Mountain and treat acidic soil in Baso Liben Woreda.

Irrigation, Fishery, bee keeping, cultural and indigenous knowledge development projects have been initiated by the University so far, it was learnt.


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